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NYC: How You Can Help for Hurricane Sandy Cleanup

If you depend on Twitter for information, as I do, you’ve probably seen the reports of devastation across New York City and wondered what you can do to help.

If you haven’t had time to do the searches, or are just bewildered, this collection of charities that are taking money and volunteers may help you get started. 

As a note, I haven’t vetted these charities or organizations. They are reputable. They’re also also listed in no particular order. 


A wonderful post from Gothamist informs

If you want to volunteer, it’s easier with the Staten Island Ferry back up and running (remember, the Staten Island Railway is not in service and there’s limited bus services—check MTA.info). Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who told the Staten Island Advance what is most needed are “blankets, diapers, flashlights with batteries” and “especially… cleanup equipment’—is organizing a cleanup for the East Shore on Saturday. You can email her at nysassembly60@gmail.com.

City Councilman James Oddo’s office also tells us of three places that can use volunteers—St Christopher’s Church (from the ferry, take the S78 or S79 to Midland Avenue), Rabs Country Lanes (from the ferry, take the S79 to Liberty Avenue then walk North on Hylan Blvd to Raritan Ave) and Crossroads Church at 168 New Dorp Lane (from the ferry, take the S76).

Tech volunteers can sign up here; hat tip to the ever-useful Anthony De Rosa


Articles and sources with more ideas on how to help

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